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SoftArtisans FileUp

What is it?

SoftArtisans FileUp for Windows is a server-side file transfer tool. FileUp processes a file a visitor to your site selects from their local computer and uploads the file to a location in your web site that you select.

Depending upon the Windows platform you are on, we may have either ASP Upload installed or Soft Artisans FileUp. Please contact to confirm which upload component we support on your platform.


You will need the following:
Hosted on a server that supports SoftArtisans FileUp
An HTML or text editor
An FTP client

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Official Web Site (

Step 1: Determine if your Windows platform supports SoftArtisans FileUp by contacting

Step 2: Copy the HTML below and paste it into a new document in your editor.
*Note this is only a sample html page! Your page may be much more stylized. Simply use this as a starting point and customize your page to your needs.

Step 3: Edit the form to match your preferences and variables and save your new HTML page. For this example, we have saved this page as form.html.

Step 4: Copy the ASP code below and paste it into a new document in your editor.
*Note this is only a sample! Your form may be much more complex. Simply use this as a starting point and customize your form to your needs.

 <FORM METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="UploadScript.asp">

Thank You!

<% Set upl = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileUp") upl.path = Server.Mappath("/upload") upl.Save %>

Total Bytes Written: <%=upl.TotalBytes%>
<% set upl = nothing %>

Step 5: Edit the ASP and save you new ASP page. For this example, the ASP page was saved as UploadScript.asp.

The ASP script will collect whatever file that the visitor to the form.html page specifies and will upload it to the /upload* directory of the web site.

*Note: You will need to contact so that we can set the correct permissions on the directory that you are uploading to. Simply email with the web site and the directory you are uploading to and we will set the correct permissions.

If it executes correctly, it will display the following if successfully uploaded:

”Thank You!

Total Bytes Written: (size of uploaded file)”

This will be displayed for 5 seconds before redirecting back to

Additional information about FileUp can be found at the Softartisans web site

If you are still having trouble with ASP Upload, please give us a call at 1-888-638-4373 or write to us at