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Resolving Disconnect Issues While Using Outlook 2002

Some mail clients have features and settings that directly control your internet connection. These were designed to help individuals be as efficient as possible while working on their mail by working offline. Often misconfiguring any of these settings will cause your internet connection to AUTOMATICALLY disconnect after sending and receiving your mail from the POP3 client. If you are experiencing this issue please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

STEP 1 - Select the Options for the Mail Client

Within outlook pull down the Tools menu and select "Options..."

Step 2 - Mail Client Options Window

Once the client option window opens select the Mail Setup tab and review the settings within the dial up section. Make sure the bottom two choices are not selects, you do NOT want "Automatically dial during a background Send/Receive" or "Hang up when finished with a manual Send/Receive." Click apply and close Outlook, upon restarting the program these settings should be fixed.


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