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How to NOT Leave Messages on Server While Using Netscape 4.XX

As part of your NetHere service your mailbox includes 10 MEG of message storage. If you are having exceeded this quota it is most likely a result of mail client set incorrectly to "leave copies of your messages on the server." Your mail account should be set as a POP3 account and this means that each time you connect to your mail box your mail client should download your messages to your local PC. Having the client configured to "Leave copies on the server" defeats this operation and makes it hard to delete mail from your mail box. To correct this setting within your mail client please follow these directions:

STEP 1 - Getting to your configured E-mail Accounts

Within Netscape mail pull down the Edit Menu and choose the Preferences... option.

Step 2 - Choose the Mail Servers Option

Under Mail & Newsgroups Category, please select the Mail Servers section, this will bring up account specific information on the right side of the screen. Select the correct mail server for your account and left-click on the Edit... button.


Step 3- Editing the Mail Server

From the Mail Server Properties you will need to select the POP tab and make sure nothing is checked. If the leave messages on server is checked please remove the check on the box. Hit okay and close out of Netscape, upon restarting Netscape the setting should be correct.

Please note that the first time you download your mail after this has been corrected there is a chance that you may receive a large amount of mail and possibly duplicated messages, this should only happen once as you download all of the messages to you local machine.


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