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Setting up Netscape 6 for Macintosh

  • Netscape 6x for Mac OS
  • Your login ID (user name) ex: joeuser
  • Your password

1. Launch Netscape 6. From the Tasks menu, select Mail. This should launch the Account Wizard. (If the wizard did not start, in the Mail window go to Edit and select Mail then click New account.) .

2. Select ISP or email provider from the list of choices. Click Next.

3. Enter your name and Email address in the fields provided. Click Next.

4. In the Incoming Server section POP Mail Server should already be selected. In the
Server Name field enter In the Outgoing (SMTP) Server section in the Server Name field enter and then click Next.

5. Your User Name should alredy be filled in for you. If it is not, fill it in now and click Next.

6. In the Account Name, your email address will appear by default. If you wish to change it you may do so now. Click Next.

7. At the Congratulations screen, you can verify your User Name and Email Address.
Click Finish. You are readu to use Netscape 6 for email.


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