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How to Remove Bonzi Buddy

Bonzi Buddy is a program that can get accidentially downloaded to your pc. On older Windows machines (98 or lower) the program can cause a large amount of problems with your internet connection.

To remove Bonzi Buddy follow these steps:

  1. Click on Bonzi to open his menu screen and choose "Goodbye."
  2. Right click on the dollar sign icon next to your clock and choose "Exit."
  3. Click the Start button, go to Programs, then BonziBUDDY.
  4. Click Uninstall BonziBUDDY Bargain Hunting Tool. Allow the uninstall program to finish.
  5. Click the Start button, go to Programs, then BonziBUDDY
  6. Click Uninstall BonziBUDDY. Allow the uninstall program to finish.
  7. Restart your computer.

Sometimes the uninstall is not successful because a manual removal was tried previously, or a key file was deleted that the uninstall process needs. In these cases, reinstall the Bonzi Buddy software and then proceed with a normal uninstall shown above.

There is no need to delete any files first. All you need to do is visit

and download the BonziBUDDY files again. This will be a fast process if you already have most of the files installed, since the install will only download and install the files you don't have or ones that have been updated since your last download or update.
Once you have successfully run the install of BonziBUDDY again, just follow the instructions in #1 above to uninstall BonziBUDDY.


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