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Mac TCP Error Codes

You can find more system errors here:
-23000 ipBadLapErr           Bad network configuration
-23001 ipBadCnfgErr          Bad IP configuration error
-23002 ipNoCnfgErr           Missing IP or LAP configuration error
-23003 ipLoadErr             Error in MacTCP load
-23004 ipBadAddr             Error in getting address
-23005 connectionClosing     Connection in closing
-23006 invalidLength
-23007 connectionExists      Request conflicts with existing connection
-23008 connectionDoesntExist Connection does not exist
-23009 insufficientResources Insufficient resources to perform request
-23010 invalidStreamPtr
-23011 streamAlreadyOpen
-23012 connectionTerminated
-23013 invalidBufPtr
-23014 invalidRDS
-23014 invalidWDS
-23015 openFailed
-23016 doc/dialupandTimeout
-23017 duplicateSocket
-23030 ipOpenProtErr         Can't open new protocol, table full
-23031 ipCloseProtErr        Can't find protocol to close
-23032 ipDontFragErr         Packet too large to send w/o fragmenting
-23033 ipDestDeadErr         Destination not responding
-23034 ipBadWDSErr           Error in WDS format
-23035 icmpEchoTimeoutErr    ICMP echo timed-out
-23036 ipNoFragMemErr        No memory to send fragmented pkt
-23037 ipRouteErr            Can't route packet off-net
-23041 nameSyntaxErr
-23042 cacheFault
-23043 noResultProc
-23044 noNameServer
-23045 authNameErr
-23046 noAnsErr
-23047 dnrErr
-23048 outOfMemory


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