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Enable IPsec VPN for your Dialup connection

*Please note: This is not a supported feature of NetHere Dialup service, it is being provided here for informational purposes only.

NetHere does not do any port filtering of your Internet connection. If your using Windows 2000/XP you might need to enable IPSEC for your NetHere connection in order for your VPN to function properly:

In Internet Explorer go to "Tools">"Internet Options" >

In "Internet Options" go to the "Connections" Tab >

On the "Connections" Tab select "NetHere"(or whatever your NetHere connection is called) and then click "Settings".

From "NetHere Settings" go to the >"Properties" Button>

You will be on the "General" Tab go to the >"Networking" Tab>

On the "Networking" Tab go to>"Internet Protocol" Properties>"Advanced" Tab>

From the "Advanced" Tab go to>"Options" Tab

On the "Options" Tab Select "IPsecurity" then Select "Properties">

Under "Ipsecurity Properties" select "Use this IPsecurity policy"

Then select "Client Respond Only"

Hit OK

Following these steps will enable IPsec for your NetHere connection and hopefully fix your VPN issues.


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