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Protection Settings

Protection Settings

These settings help to protect your email account from viruses, spam and other unwanted email. By adjusting these settings, you can fine-tune how the system handles email for your individual email account.

Realtime Blacklists (RBLs)

A realtime blacklist is a list of mail servers that are known to send Spam or other malicious messages.

If this setting is enabled, any message, regardless of the sender, that originates from one of these mail servers will be blocked and will not reach the mail account.

Changes to this setting will take effect within an hour.

Since the RBLs are checked before the message is accepted into the system, the Sender Whitelist and Sender Blacklist are ignored.

Virus Scanning

Messages containing viruses do not get delivered, and are automatically deleted from your email account. We do not notify you or the sender when a viral message is deleted.

This setting cannot be edited.

Spam Scanning

This setting determines whether messages coming to your email account are scanned by our Anti-spam filter. You can customize this filter using the Spam Sensitivity and Spam Action settings.

Changes to this setting will take effect immediately.

Spam Sensitivity

You can change how strict the Anti-spam filter is when identifying spam.

Increasing the sensitivity will get you less spam, but might catch more non-spam messages by accident. Lowering the sensitivity will decrease the chance of false positives, but may allow more spam to get through.

Changes to this setting will take effect immediately.

Spam Action

This determines what happens to messages identified as spam by our spam filter. There are two options: Tag and Deliver or Delete.

Tag and Deliver

Recommended setting. This marks the message with the phrase '[SPAM]' in the subject line and delivers the message to your email account.


This deletes the identified spam message. You will not be notified of the deletion, and the message cannot be recovered.

Changes to this setting will take effect immediately.

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