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General Settings

General Settings:

These are the most basic settings for the email account, allowing you to edit your password and delivery options.


There are three status levels for each email account: Active, On Hold and Deleted.

1. Active- All services are working and normal.

2. On Hold- There is some problem with the account and you should email Customer Care or call us at 888-638-4373.

3. Deleted- The email account will be archived and removed from the system after the hold time expires, typically 1 hour.

You cannot change the status of a email account. If there are any questions, you will need to contact our customer care department.


Your username is the username you use to log in to the mail server.

You cannot change the email account username.


Your password, entered along with your username, is used to log in to your email account using a email client or webmail, and the Control Panel.

You can edit your password by clicking the pen-and-paper icon next to the password. A password may include letters and numbers, and must be between 6 and 15 characters long.


This is an informal description of an email account that you can customize for easier identification. This will not be seen by those you send messages to.

Email Address

This is the address you will give people so that they can send you email. You cannot change the main email address for an account, but you can edit and add alternate email addresses with the Aliases setting.


An alias is an additional recipient for this email account. It acts just like the mail address. There are two types of aliases: a normal alias and a catchall alias.

1. A normal alias is treated like an alternative email address for the same mail account. For example, your primary email address may be You may set as an alias and it will be treated as if it were the same as and it will be delivered to the same account.

2. A catchall alias will treat any message sent to any non-existent mail address or alias in the specified domain as being sent to this email account without having to specify a specific recipient name. This is only a valid option for web hosting accounts.

For example, if you have, you may designate this as your catchall allias. This means that any email addressed to that does not have a valid email address that delivers it elsewhere, will get delivered to this mailbox.


This allows you to specify addresses to send copies of all incoming messages to.

You can also specify whether or not a copy of the message is left in the local email account after forwarding. If you have an address that you are forwarding your email to, you will have the option to select either “Deliver messages only to the forwarding recipients” or “Deliver messages locally and to the forwarding recipients”.


This tells the maximum disk space your email account can use in Megabytes (Mb).

You cannot edit the email account size, but you can purchase extra space for the email account. If you would like to purchase additional space, please contact our customer care department at

You can login to the Control Panel Here:


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