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NetHere Webmail [SPAM] Filtering

To utilize the SPAM flagging implemented by NetHere you have to create a message filter in Webmail. To setup a message filter that moves messages flagged as SPAM to the trash:

1. After logging into your Webmail account, click on "Options" at the top of the page.

2. On the Options page, click on "Filters".

3. Check the first two options, "Apply filter rules upon logging on?"

and "Apply filter rules when mailbox is refreshed?". Then click on "Save Options".

4. Click on Filters again, then click on "Edit your filter rules".

5. Under Rule Definition, put a check in "Subject:" and then type in "[SPAM]" in the Text field.

6. For Action, set it to "move message to" and set it to "Trash", then click the "Create" button.

7. The new Filter Rule should read, "Move messages to the Trash folder where the Subject: field contains [SPAM]". Then click on "Apply All Rules"


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