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AVG Anti-Virus (Free Edition)

Please note that the following information is related to a third-party piece of software and is provided for educational purposes only. We have provided this information so that you may be aware of its existence and may decide to use it to enhance your internet experience. If you do decide to install and use this software then you should know that because it is a piece of third-party software, NetHere is unable to support any or all aspects related to its procurement, installation, use or uninstallation. NetHere is not responsible for any damages, loss of data, loss or work and or time, that comes from downloading third party software. In addition, this information should not be perceived to be a representation or warranty by NetHere for any thing other than the software\'s existence. Finally, any information or recommendations have been placed here for educational purposes only and its veracity is not guaranteed by NetHere.

This is a free Anti-Virus program that helps detect and remove Viruses on your computer. Grisoft updates the Anti-Virus Database frequently, so you can keep up with the latest Virus threats.

You can download AVG Anti-Virus (Free Edition) at:

In addition to this you can find updates and fixes on the latest viruses at:




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