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Setting up BulletProof FTP 2.4

You will need the following information.
  • The server's Internet address: ex: (
  • Your login ID (user name) ex: (u00123)
  • Your password
  • A copy of BulletProof FTP

  1. Launch BulletProof FTP
  2. From the "Main" menu select site manager.
  3. Give your site a name under Site Name then click the Browse button to select the location of your web site files on your computer.
  4. Find the folder, select it, double click it then click Ok.
  5. Enter the "Site address" ex:( Next, enter your login (username) (ex: u00123) and Password. (Just leave the "Initial Remote Directory" field blank.)
  6. Click on Connect
  7. You can now drag and drop files for upload or download.
  8. Still need help with BulletProof FTP?
    Contact our Customer Care Department.


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