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Setup Entourage for Email
Requirements: Entourage for Mac OS Your login ID (user name) ex: joeuser Your password Launch Entourage. From the Tools...
Last Modified: 2003-11-18

NetHere Control Panel (4)
Control Panel Help
Browser Issues (1)
This has information to help you work with your browser
Dial Up Internet Access (8)
This is for Dial Up internet Access Issues
E-mail (24)
Configuring and trouble shooting your e-mail client.
General Errors (1)
Info on errors and their meanings.
SPAM / UCE (13)
FAQs and suggestions for minimizing SPAM/UCE.
Third-party Software (6)
Third-party software FAQs and How-tos
Viruses (2)
Check this category for important information related to viruses.
Web Hosting (16)
Information related to a web hosting.

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Cannot Create a Connection in WinXP (Error 711)
Information Courtesy of Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles: 330163 and 329441 SYMPTOMS When you try to create a new network connection, you may receive the...
Web Stats Definitions and Information
How Do I Request Web Stats?   In order to request web stats for your site, simply send an e-mail to...
Register Globals in PHP
Often times we are asked if Register Globals is turned on or off in our PHP configuration. By default, we leave them off. For an explanation as to why, please visit...
How to Disable Norton Internet Security
Sometimes a mis-configured firewall program will deny the end user access to the internet.  To disable Norton Internet Security please follow these steps: Log on...
Default Webalizer Configuration
Default Webalizer Configuration     Webalizer is the program that NetHere uses to process stats for web sites hosted on our platform....
How to Disable Mcafee Firewall
Sometimes a mis-configured firewall program will deny the end user access to the internet.  To disable Mcafee Firewall please follow these steps: Click Stop...
Understanding Email Headers
The place to start your investigation is the set of mail headers which accompany the spam you've received. You will work with the full mail headers. Most email readers...
How to Disable Norton Personal Firewall
Disclaimer: Please note that the following information is related to the Internet and Personal Computers and is provided for educational purposes only. We have ...
Changing your Browser's Home Page
If your home page - the page that first displays in your web browser when you are connected to the Internet - has changed or you would like to make it something other than...
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